Anonymous said: cum back on ahhaha

lol i honestly forgot about this blog! but anyway, i think we’re done making imagines, high school kinda took over my life but i’ll definitely keep this blog up for y’all to read :)


Long Harry #Imagine

You always liked Harry, and you thought he did too - until he started dating Taylor Swift. You didn’t talk much after “Haylor” happened. Then one day he was calling you every five minutes. You were still mad that once Taylor came into the equation, he no longer spoke to you, so you ignored the calls the same way he had avoided and ignored you. After eleven phone calls, he called again, but this time he left a voice mail.

Harry: “(YN) I really want to talk to you again. It’s over with Taylor. I never…it wasn’t real. It was management’s idea, but I gave in to them, and I’m really truly sorry. It wasn’t worth losing you and I need you back because….I’m in love with you…” Your heart was racing at his confession, the one you had always dreamt of hearing him say. There was a short silence but you knew he hadn’t hung up yet, so you jumped up from the couch and ran to the kitchen to grab the phone but he hung up just before you got to it. You sat on the kitchen floor with the phone in your hand and wondering what to do. You got up and grabbed your coat, not bothering to take the time to put it on, and headed for the door so you could find Harry. It didn’t take long, though, because when you opened the door, Harry was already standing there just about to knock.

You: “Harry? Oh my God, I -“ 

Harry: “(YN) I can’t believe how stupid I was, I’m really -” You cut him off with a kiss. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you as close as he could. When you pulled away, he kept his face just centimeters away from yours and whispered, “Finally.”

You: “I’m in love with you, too.” 

The next day, the story of you and Harry becomes the new top story and everyone forgets about what was once Haylor.

Anonymous said: How do you make your picture imagines? I love imagine tumblrs and I want to make an imagine tumblr

I use a site called picmokey (it’s exactly like picnik) and i took a blank image of whatever color from google and just added words :) i know some people use other things like photoshop tho


teamnakedhazzaokbye said: Yeah sure I don't mind a text box :) Thanks bby

No problem hun :) 


teamnakedhazzaokbye said: I love your blog ok =') and now that you have a new co-owner, can you please try to do a long Harry imagine (not personal) if you get time? Thanks anyway :)

You know what? I actually do have a long Harry imagine that i wrote! It’s a whole page long so i was just trying to figure out how to fit it in one picture. Would you mind if i just posted it as a text post? And sorry for the absence! I always have an excuse but i have a bit of a short break now so i’ll go write &post some more :)


New co-owner

Hey guys, I’m the new co-owner! My name is Erika, I’m 17 and I’m from Sydney! It’s such a pleasure to be apart of this amazing blog and I can’t wait to get to know all of our beautiful followers! Submit any imagines that you have, I’ll be doing some tonight! xxx

Anonymous said: What is happening with the Zayn one shot?

tbh i actually did forget. I cannot express how crazy busy i have been but that’s why i’m getting a co owner. I just had my pompon high kick competition Sunday which is why i’ve had no time. i’m sorry! i know i promised i’d post it. if i can, i’ll write it tomorrow but i don’t want to promise anything. SO SO SO sorry :( 


mcmoron101 said: Will you please please PLEASE write me an imagine??? My name is Naomi, I have dark brown curly hair, brown eyes, and I obviously LOVE 1D! Please write something sweet <3 tanks

I get a lot of these kind of messages in my ask, but guys, i don’t do personals! I’m sorry but I don’t! And i won’t change my mind if you beg super nicely. Sorry, thanks for understanding!